OTTO MAKES is the personal brand of Andrew Linke. Drawn from my own middle name and the name of my grandfather, OTTO MAKES is designed to be a home for all of my creative projects.

These projects include…


I have been a ceramic artist for over twenty years, working primarily in low to high fire pottery with low-fire glazes. My work is available for purchase on my Etsy store and I document much of my creative process here on OTTO/MAKES, on my YouTube channel, my Instagram, and my Facebook page.


I’ve been a photographer for about twenty-five years. I primarily capture images of nature and gardens, but I have been known to work in portraiture, architecture, and abstract artistic imagery. You can follow my photographic work here on OTTO MAKES, over on my Instagram, or by purchasing photos on my Etsy store.


I’m a perpetual Maker and handyman. You’ll find plenty of videos, photos essays, and articles documenting my work at building and fixing things.


Rounding out the artistic collection is my work as I am an author. My writing primarily consists of science fiction, pulp adventures, and personal essays. These can be found on my Patreon, the In Such Times project website, and my personal blog.